The game is made to order, released under the brand GARAGE 54. Regards to our GARAGE54 expert.
Democracy on Fire
The game is made to order, released under the brand SquaredGameTech. Regards to our SGT expert.
MMA Pankration
The project was created on the basis of license agreement and with the support from the Far Eastern Federation of Modern Pankration (MFP). One update after another, the game is being improved.   The entire content, such as
3D-models, was created according to the prototypes and by permission of the Far Eastern Federation of Modern Pankration. Dmitry Konkov, the MFP President, and Alexander Rudenko, the MFP Development Director, assisted our team with the development of this project. It took 5 months to develop, design and model the very first version of the game. MMA Pankration is daily installed by 1500 new unique Google Play users and 500 users from the App Store. By now, the app is rated 4,2/5.0 on Google Play. We are working hard to improve the game and make it more interesting to our users.
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The development of this project has just started with the support from Mega Bots Inc. The entire content we create is verified and authorized by the MegaBots Team. With the help from Matt Oehrlein, Co-Founder of MegaBots, Inc, we hope to release the first version of the game in autumn on Google Play, App Store, and Steam. This project is a special occasion for us to level up our skills and show the best quality to the users.